Helping my grandfather find a new home
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Helping my grandfather find a new home

My grandfather has dementia and is finding it hard to live by himself, particularly since my grandmother has passed away. It looks like she had been doing a lot of the care for him in the house, and since she's passed away, the house is getting messier and less safe. We want to know that he is safe and being looked after all the time, so we are placing him in a nursing home. I think the process can be quite hard for families, but seeing your grandparents happy and healthy in the right environment is a good feeling. This blog is about choosing a nursing home.


Helping my grandfather find a new home

Retirement Living: Three Practical Tips for Helping Your Loved One Adjust

Carrie Peters

Assisted living can be advantageous for your retired loved one. The senior citizen will have professionals to look after them and provide help with difficult tasks. In addition, the professionals can provide immediate medical support if your family member has a chronic condition or encounters an accident. Unfortunately, the transition from living at home to residing in a retirement home can be challenging. Here are some essential tips to help your family member adjust faster to the change.

Choose the Best Home

There are numerous homes for retirement living, but they might not all be suitable for your senior family member. Therefore, you should not choose an institution arbitrarily. Instead, it is important to look into the facilities in your local area and find the best match. When looking for a retirement home, you should evaluate the general environment, the building and available amenities. It is also essential to check out the community of people living in the home. In addition, you should think about scheduling a visit and involving your old loved one in the decision if possible.

Bring Familiar Items

When you find the perfect retirement home, you should not just leave your loved one in the unfamiliar place. Often, seniors have trouble adjusting to the change because there is nothing familiar in their new environment. Their new residence might be in exceptional condition, but the spaces often lack the warmth of home. Therefore, you should plan on making their new place as comfortable as possible. Bring in familiar items, like photos of family members and favourite pieces of art and books, to give the place a better ambience.

Plan for Regular Visits

The sudden change in environment can be jarring if your senior family member has been living with you or other family and loved ones. Therefore, you should plan on ensuring adjustment by being there after their life in the retirement home begins. It is advisable to schedule regular visits following the official move-in. You can play some familiar games or simply provide company. If possible, you can take your senior family member out of the home for activities such as shopping or church attendance.

Finally, you should encourage your senior family member to participate more in the local retirement community for a smoother transition. In most cases, the community will have fun activities to encourage interactions. If your loved one makes friends in the assisted living facility, they will adjust faster to the new home.