Helping my grandfather find a new home
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Helping my grandfather find a new home

My grandfather has dementia and is finding it hard to live by himself, particularly since my grandmother has passed away. It looks like she had been doing a lot of the care for him in the house, and since she's passed away, the house is getting messier and less safe. We want to know that he is safe and being looked after all the time, so we are placing him in a nursing home. I think the process can be quite hard for families, but seeing your grandparents happy and healthy in the right environment is a good feeling. This blog is about choosing a nursing home.


Helping my grandfather find a new home

Considerations When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

Carrie Peters

Do you need to take your loved one to an assisted living facility? These centres are best suited for seniors who need help with some of their household chores but can still live independently. Below is a piece exploring the factors to consider when choosing an assisted living facility. 


The general rule is to consider a conveniently located facility. Start by establishing your loved one's needs. For instance, do they need permanent or temporary accommodation at the facility? You could consider facilities close to their primary residence if they need temporary accommodation. This way, they have an easy way to transition from the assisted living facility. If they need permanent accommodation, consider facilities that guarantee easy access to close family. Sometimes, you might be living in a retirement village, but your spouse develops complications that make it challenging for them to continue living in the complex. If this is the case, consider nearby assisted living facilities. This wavy, you can visit them as often as possible. 


Critically evaluate the assisted living facility's reputation. Some concerns could include:

  • Does the facility have an admission criterion? For instance, some facilities admit people affiliated with a particular faith, while others prioritise applicants of a specific sexual orientation or profession.
  • Does the facility employ highly skilled caregivers? Conduct background research to establish their training, experience, specialisation and certifications.
  • Do staff at the facility treat residents with dignity? Remember, poor services could lead to stress, complicating prevailing health conditions.
  • Check whether the facility offers socialisation opportunities to its residents. For instance, it could have special interest clubs, game tournaments, or charity events. 


What are the accommodation options at the facility? The general principle is to consider facilities offering your preferred accommodation. For instance, you might want to live with your spouse, independently or share an apartment with a friend. In other cases, you might want to live in groups. Visit the facility and assess the quality of accommodation offered. For instance, the living areas should be clean and have amenities such as AC and cable TV.

Moreover, the washrooms must be disability friendly if you have a disability. Besides, the accommodation must be safe. For instance, panic alarms can help alert caregivers when residents suffer a medical emergency. On the other hand, non-slip floors, rails and ramps guarantee mobility and independence when living in the facility. 

When looking for an independent living facility, assess its location, reputation, and accommodation options. For more information, contact an assisted living facility near you.