Helping my grandfather find a new home
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Helping my grandfather find a new home

My grandfather has dementia and is finding it hard to live by himself, particularly since my grandmother has passed away. It looks like she had been doing a lot of the care for him in the house, and since she's passed away, the house is getting messier and less safe. We want to know that he is safe and being looked after all the time, so we are placing him in a nursing home. I think the process can be quite hard for families, but seeing your grandparents happy and healthy in the right environment is a good feeling. This blog is about choosing a nursing home.


Helping my grandfather find a new home

  • Tips On Reducing Anxiety In Alzeimer's and Dementia Sufferers

    15 September 2016

    Managing confusion and anxiety in elderly people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's disease is a common problem for those who provide homecare services.  Helping sufferers to cope with these troubling side-effects can be challenging, but is essential if vulnerable people are to be able to continue living at home, rather than moving into residential care. Here are some useful tips on how to help dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers to cope with confusion and anxiety.

  • When You or an Aging Parent May Need a Visiting Nurse

    9 September 2016

    It can be difficult for someone to admit that they may need help with their medical or everyday care when at home, but a visiting nurse can mean staying in your home while staying safe despite a health concern or limitation. While only your doctor can tell you the best choice for your overall wellbeing, note a few signs that it may be time to hire a visiting nurse, either for yourself or an aging parent.